Saturday, September 4, 2010

the littlest cupcake

Flavor: red velvet, cheesecake & peanut butter (not consumed by me, of course)
Cost: $2.00/3 or $0.75/each
Location: Tart and Tufo in Morristown, NJ
Have you ever not wanted to eat an entire cupcake? Of course not! What a question... let's try this again: have you ever eaten a cupcake when you weren't supposed to? Perhaps during swimsuit season? Well my friends- I have a solution for you: Poppers at Tart and Tufo in Morristown.
In case you haven't realized,
J'dore Tart & Tufo.
Cristofer and I decided to take a trip after lunch (and dessert) for coffee and dessert (part deux).
Upon arrival at the cafe, I was somewhat intrigued by a new display of mini cupcake look-alikes. And though I usually head straight for the cupcake counter, I opted on the poppers. Maybe because I had already had dessert or perhaps because I was looking for something different, Cristofer bought 2 of the bite-sized treats for me (1 for himself).
The good news: They were amazing.
The bad news: They were tiny.
I guess when it comes down to it, they are more than appropriate for someone who wants a treat without over indulging, though I can honestly say that's rarely the case for me... at least when it comes to cupcakes

Nom nom,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the we meet again, cupcake

Flavor: Strawberry shortcake/ s'mores
Cost: $2.50 (each)
Location: Hey Cupcake! in Madison, NJ
I've been sitting here for literally 7 minutes typing, back spacing, typing, backspacing, etc. trying to figure out how I am going to start this.
It's like, when you breakup with someone and you see them for the first time after the breakup. Do you talk about your past relationship? Or just pretend like nothing even happened? I guess in this case, the least I could do is explain why it's been so long...
You see, my fellow cupcake lovers, I was gaining a bit (cough, that's kind of an understatement) of weight from enjoying a cup of cake EVERY night. Too much that I figured I'd better give myself some time to recover (especially since we are in fact, in swimsuit season).
Anyway, lately I have been dreaming about and craving a cupcake, so I've given in. A few close friends informed me of a local cupcake shop that opened in Madison this past Spring, and it wasn't until last night I decided to check it out for the first time myself.
Last night... or should I say more like last evening, Cristofer (he's kind of like my unofficial partner in cupcake crime) & I went out there for a post dinner treat. It was approximately 6:15 pm when we arrive at the door only to find the store CLOSED and that it had been for well over an hour.
A cupcake shop- A dessert cupcake shop- that closed at 5:00pm on a SUMMER NIGHT?! Is it just me, or does that seem like bad business?
I don't know, it seems rather early to me...
Needless to say, Cristofer and I were more then careful to arrive well before 5:00pm today (we went around 4:00pm) and I'm not quite sure if it was the rainy day or my pent up resentment of denying me my tasty treat last night, but I had a bad taste in my mouth about this place (metaphorically speaking).
I opted for Strawberry Shortcake and Cristofer chose S'mores.
Mine was ok. I keep forgetting I'm a chocolate-holic however, so we switched 1/2 way through.
Nom nom,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the co-worker cupcakes

Flavor: Red velvet/cream cheese (mine), chocolate/chocolate (deana), vanilla/vanilla (amy)
Cost: $3.75
Location: Tart & Tufo in Morristown, NJ
Yesterday, my boss Amy made a comment about how good the cupcakes were at Tart & Tufo. Today, I brought her and my other boss Deana one each to have a 10 minute cupcake break during work. They were both very grateful.
The funny thing about Deanna and Amy is that they both enjoy polar opposite cupcakes: one vanilla and one chocolate.
I opted to treat myself to red velvet because it's been a while since I indulged in one of those tasty treats... and it was as delicious as I remember them to be.
We all shared pieces of our cupcakes with Amy's baby, who was on a sugar high every 10 minutes. Sweet day.

Nom nom,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the british cupcake

Cost: £12.00
Location: The Design Museum in London, England
Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted two things:
1. To eat cupcakes for the rest of my life
2. To go to England
This past January, I accomplished the latter goal on that list.
I went with my college to study Graphic Design, and without going into too much detail I very much enjoyed the trip.
One of our tourist stops abroad was the Design Museum. This particular museum featured graphic, industrial and architectural design. The exhibits themselves, in my opinion, were average... but the gift shop was awwwwesome.
I couldn't decide what I wanted to spend my money on because I pretty much wanted to buy everything. I settled on this coffee mug because a. I love coffee, b. I love cupcakes c. I love typography.
What does typography have to do with this mug? Simple. It's called "and cupcake mug" by design anonymous and on the opposite side of the cupcake, an ampersand is printed. Genius.
Anyway, it's made out of something called 'Bone China' which I soon realized means VERY fragile.
I haven't used the mug yet. I think I'm afraid to break it, and because I got in London it would be hard to replace.
When my mother saw me looking at it today she smiled and said, "There's that cherry again."

Nom nom,

Monday, May 17, 2010

the cupcake I should have written about Sunday

Flavor: Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Cost: $2.00
Location: C'Mere Cupcakes in Hackettstown, NJ
As the title describes, this is a cupcake from Sunday.
I went to visit my best friend who lives in Budd Lake, and she told me about a cupcake place near by. I'm always excited to visit places that specialize in cupcakes.
After a ten minute drive, we found ourselves in the parking lot of C'Mere Cupcakes. The interior of the shop was welcoming, with tables and chairs and a cupcake pillow. Behind a display case, over 20 different varieties of cupcakes were showcased.
Chrissy quickly opted to go for the carrot cake, but I took a little longer to decide.
The girl working seemed less then thrilled (as most bakery shop employees are) with my internal conflict of deciding which flavor to go with. Perhaps also contributing to her sour mood was the fact that the shop was closing in the next 30 minutes.
Eventually, I settled on chocolate cake with chocolate icing topped with a strawberry.
We went back to Chrissy's apartment and indulged.
Surprisingly, the strawberry tasted fresh. The icing however, was a bit flaky and had that
'I've been sitting on a shelf for a few hours' texture.
The cake however, was moist and delicious. I would recommend this place to people in the area, but suggest you go an hour or so before closing.

Nom nom,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the cupcake(s) for mark's birthday

Flavor: Chocolate/Chocolate
Cost: Free (homemade by my roommate Brittany)
Location: Mi Casa en Morristown, NJ
First, you may or may not have noticed there is no post from yesterday. This is because I have a new found interest in my life: Beer. I'm 23, and since recently I never really cared much for the taste of 'cold brewski.' However, lately I've grown quite fond enjoying a nice chilled Heineken Light, and yesterday my roommates and I decided to celebrate the beginning of summer... Needless to say I had two beers too many and my head hit the pillow before I remembered to blog...
But this is not a beer blog, this is a cupcake blog... so onto the desserts!
Today we celebrated yet again (this times sans the beer). It was my roommate Mark's birthday, so Brittany and I opted on homemaking some celebratory cupcakes for the occasion. Whilst the boys were all out at band practice, Britt and I decorated and baked in honor of our roommate.
He was very surprised, and happy.
We put M&M's as decorations on the treats because they were in Britt's Car (we told Mark, however, they were strategically picked out because his name starts with M).
The reason why the cupcakes in the title of this blog is plural (as opposed to my singular earlier formats) is because I had three.
1. Right of the oven, melted icing and all.
2. With the group (because everyone else was doing it).
3. After they had been sitting out for 30 minutes.
Each was just as tasty as the last, but I think, especially with swimsuit season coming up, I should just stick to one a day.

Nom nom (nom),

Friday, May 14, 2010

the ice cream cupcake

Flavor: Chocolate
Cost: $2.99
Location: Camille's Cafe in Morristown, NJ
"What's that?"
I asked, directing my view to a tasty looking treat in a refrigerator. I was ordering a sandwich on my lunch break at a cafe across the street, and my attention was caught by something I noticed in a cupcake wrapper.
"That is a chocolate dessert, for the children," said the foreign man taking my order.
After I checked the perimeter for any nearby children who might also be interested in the sweet treat, I was fortunate enough to realize it was meant to be mine.
"I'd like it, please," I said.
The store employee laughed, and put it in a to-go container and a bag for me.
Once I was back across the street at work, I pulled my what I then thought was 'cake' out of the bag.
It was cold. Not just cold, frozen.
It then made sense. The man never did call it a cupcake....
After closer examination, I realized that it was a scoop of ice cream molded into a semi-circle. But the strange thing was that it was covered in a layer of what tasted-like, looked-like and shared the similar texture of cake.
Whatever it was, it was pretty amazing.
The eyes and ears of this little guy was made out of white and dark semi-sweet chocolate.

Nom nom,